GIFT GUIDE: The Very Best Chic & Elegant Marble Bathroom Decor

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If you have a Marble bathroom or just love the chic and elegant aesthetic, you can achieve an elegant bathroom design with just a few key elements. Use this list as a decor guide, for housewarming or hostess gift guide, or for decor ideas and inspo for your own home design and bathroom design.

The items in this guide are not made of marble, they are instead chosen to compliment a marble countertop - especially a well-worn carrara counter top.

While marble is a bit scary to use in the kitchen for many, the bathroom is a perfect place. You needn’t worry about red wine, tomato sauce, and turmeric ruining it forever. It ages well, like heirloom silver.

This is what you need (scroll to the bottom for links):

1. Decorative Tray

You must have a pretty tray to hold those products you use too often to leave in a drawer, or simply don’t have the storage space for! Great choices include mirrored trays, marble and gold trays, or even a bright laquered tray.

My favorites are mirrored because they bring more light into the room. I love this oval version from Frontgate with it’s monogram option.

2. Perfume Atomizer

These feel so old fashioned. Of course, perfume bottles are beautiful. BUT if you use an atomizer you can get just the perfect amount of spray.

Never worry about wearing too much perfume again! Plus, they look great and have less overspray, since they create a finer mist than a regular perfume bottle does.

Vintage ones are glamorous, just buy a new bulb atomizer for them.

The very best chic and elegant marble bath decor gift guide - CLICK FOR DETAILS

3. Lush Flowers

Be they garden fresh or eternal, beautiful blooms make a bathroom feel instantly more luxurious and relaxing.

Here are a few of my favorite varieties for bathrooms and powder rooms:

  • Hydrangea- These are so big and fluffy, you need only a few stems to fill a space.

  • Peony - Personally, I think peonies are more romantic than roses. They are one of the lushest flowers, and come in beautiful shades of pink. If you’re growing one, be sure to pick a variety that smells wonderful (they don’t all!)

  • Rose - Roses are always a classic. If you are lucky enough to get a bouquet as a gift, just cut two stems and place them in a bud vase (preferably cut crystal) on your vanity table. Perfection!

4. Monogrammed Towels

Nothing says ‘we’re home’ more than the personalization of monogrammed towels. This set with matching soap makes a wonderfully thoughtful hostess gift.

5. Silver Mint Julep Cup

These have so many uses.

  • Keep this freshly filled with flowers.

  • Store your makeup brushes in here.

  • Fill with fireplace matches and keep near a candle.

If you’re giving these as a gift, consider having them engraved and don’t forget a presentation box. Add interest buy buing antique julep cups.

6. Candle + Matches

If you have a shelf over your toilet in the W.C., that’s a great place to keep these. They’re also great for setting the mood around a freestanding whirlpool or soaking tub.

7. Luxurious Hand Lotion

We all want smooth hands. Every bathroom, from the Master Bath to the Powder Room, needs some hand lotion or cream to use after washing up. This pretty set looks great sitting on a counter and makes a beautiful gift.

8. Porcelain Garden Stool

These drum-shaped stools made of ceramic or porcelain are so handy in a bathroom! They can be used in the shower, at the makeup vanity, or by the tub.

They’re waterproof, compact, and decorative - things that make them useful, practical, and aesthetically pleasing. What could be better?

9. Glass Apothecary Jars

These are great for storing cotton balls, Q-tips, and makeup remover pads. You can even store some clean lint-free towels in one to quickly wipe down your chrome faucet after every use.

Buy a set in three sizes to create a stylish vignette.

10. Decorative Objects

It’s a fine line between artfully styled and full of clutter, isn’t it? While I do think it’s important to be able to dust, I also believe in filling your home with items that bring you joy - and for me that includes small, whimsical, seemingly pointless trasures.

I also think these make fun gifts when you don’t want to be too practical (a.k.a. boring).

There is no reason why a bathroom can’t be as well styled as a built-in bookcase in your study or famiuly room. Have some fun!

The very best chic and elegant marble bath decor gift guide - CLICK FOR DETAILS



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