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If you have a Mid-Century Modern Rustic bathroom or just love the aesthetic, you can achieve a stylish design with just a few key elements. Use this list as a gift guide, for housewarming or hostess gifts, or just for ideas and inspo for your own home design and bathroom design.

I have to admit I was shocked when mid-century modern design began to become so popular again. Growing up, my Grandmother’s NYC apartment was full of classic pieces - mixed with oriental carpets and tons of houseplants.

I never imagined this style would ever be so popular! But it looks great and is so functional.

This is what you need (scroll to the bottom for links):

1. Houseplants

You must have a houseplant to complete this look. The green is a great foil to the natural colors of this style, and the natural element matches the philosophy as well.

These are some great species to start with:

  • Philodendron - These are easy to grow with sculptural leaves.

  • Sansevieria trifasciata (Snake plant/ Mother-in-law’s Tongue) - Another plant that’s hard to kill, this is compact and great for tight spaces. Try S. cylindrica for something a little different.

  • Ficus lyrata (Fiddle Leaf Fig) - Another popular choice, these are a little pickier to grow but love the low light and high humidity of a bathroom.

Get a simple pot in a neutral color. Bonus if it has a wood or metal stand/feet attached. Get more than one - jump on the macrame trend with a hanging pot, too.

2. Vintage leaning ladder

This is such a simple and stylish way to add some towel storage to your space! All you need is a blank wall and a few soft Turkish towels.

You can get an original ladder by scouring your local estate sales, consignment shops, and mercantiles. My local favorite is The Frisco Mercantile.

These have become so popular in recent years that there is no shortage of new vintage-look knoickoffs.

The very best mid century modern rustic bath decor gift guide - CLICK FOR DETAILS

3. Turkish Towels

You need some soft and absorbent Turkish towels to make your bathroom look festive (Stripes! Fringe!) yet still somehow natural.

Also known as Pestemal or Fouta, he popularity of these in recent years means there is no shortage of choices. The ones from Parachute are a little different with their flat weave front and terry back.

4. Traditional Rug

Why go with a standard bath mat when you can have something as striking as a rug? This is a great place to add a splash of color to your neutral bathroom.

There are so many choices of rug. Here are some ideas:

  • Oriental - Oriental rugs look great pretty much anywhere you put them. Just don’t use a valuable family heirloom in the bathroom - it will shorten the overall life of the rug!

  • Berber (Beni Ourain) - These Moroccan rugs are often white or red with a bold black diamond pattern, but you can also find them with yellow and blue accents. They are hand-knotted and fluffy with a high pile.

  • Kilim - These flat weave rugs are native to Turkey, N. Africa, and parts of Central Asia. They’re adorned with stepped pyramids, triangle filled stripes, and stylized swirls.

The rug pictured here is from Orian - they use a stain resistant polypropylene yarn that is extremely durable and stain resiustant. They’re soft, water repellant, and great for any space including bathrooms.

5. Essential Oils

These have so many uses.

  • Keep your bathroom smelling fresh with a few drops of peppermint in a diffuser or even the inside of your toilet paper roll!

  • Add some lavender to your bath for a relaxing soak.

  • Use clove, tea tree oil and myrrh for a refreshing mouthwash.

Essential Oils are one of the more popular direct sales (MLM) opportunities, so you may know someone in your network already that sells them. Young Living and doTERRA are two popular companies to research.

6. Gorgeous Soap + Soap Dish

This is such a simple and affordable gift - it’s great to have a few extra bars on hand for a last minute hostess gift. Pair it with a simple soap dish and you have a beautiful and thoughtful gift for anyone.

My favorite spot to shop for fancy wrapped soaps and simple soap dishes is Home Goods, but there’s nothing to stop you from buying an unusual one online, like this affordable and unusual black rubber dish from CB2.

7. Stylish Shampoo + Conditioner Dispensers

You might buy beautiful shampoo and conditioner, in which case you can ignore this category.

If you are in love with a shampoo that comes (gasp!) in an ugly bottle - or just one that doesn’t match your aesthetic - then these glass dispensers are absolutely essential.

8. Artwork

It always enlivens a space to add something personal, and nothing is more personal than art. This can go on the wall or on a ledge, if you have incorporated one into your design.

Keep in mind that baths are humid places. You could pick a wooden or metal plaque, an acrylic painting, or a print in a frame with acrylic instead of glass. As with the rugs, don’t use anything TOO precious that you wouldn’t want to ‘age’ a bit.

You can also make a custom wall decor to print on vinyl for a striking and durable image.

9. Small stool

We all want more storage in the bathroom. A pretty stool is such a useful item - great to sit on as you fill the bath or do your makeup, and an extra surface to put your stuff the rest of the time.

Artfully placed, beautiful stuff, of course!

10. Catchall/ Trinket Tray

Every room needs a dish or tray to hold miscellaneous items, especially a bathroom where you might remove jewlery and don’t want it lost forever down a drain.

There are so many whimsical and fun catchalls out there. Pick one in a metal that works with the fixed items in the room.

The very best mid century modern rustic bath decor gift guide - CLICK FOR DETAILS



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