Learn one simple trick to create a tropical paradise at home

Have you seen Anderson Cooper's Brazilian Paradise in the August edition of Architectural Digest? Everything about it is amazing, but I found myself really drawn to the beautiful organic pendants thru ought his home.

Woven lighting is a trend that's been with us for several years now, but they're still a great way to inject a relaxed tropical vibe into your home - and what better time than just before the Summer Olympics begin in Rio? 

Updating your lighting fixtures is a surprisingly easy DIY. Just buy the light, turn off the power, get on your ladder and work some magic. 

The best thing about open weave pendants is the way they disperse the light around a room. The more open the weave, the more interesting the patterns on the walls and floor. You can use these in your kitchen, over the dining room table, or even under an outdoor patio.

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