How to welcome your guests in style


What is the point of having a beautiful home if you can't show it off once in a while? You don't need to spend a ton of money to have a great guestroom. You DO need to provide these three things:

  • Cleanliness
  • Comfort
  • Control

Cleanliness is pretty straightforward. Any home looks better when it has just been cleaned. Vacuum, get out the Windex, and use a room spray for a fresher-than-fresh feeling. Wash sheets and towels before your guests arrive.

Comfort is as simple as nice mattress and plenty of pillows. You don't have to spend a fortune - a budget foam mattresses that might not offer enough support every day will certainly be comfortable for a few nights. Your old pillows recycled to the guest bed will also be welcome.

Control is lost in so many ways when we travel.  Delayed flights, getting lost, eating new foods, etc. Give your guests control over the basics : light and temperature. Providing black out curtains or eye shades, table or floor lamps, and a cozy throw or a fan make a big difference. 


1 - reading light | 2 - tissues | 3 - small gift ( journal and eye mask) | 4 - fresh flowers | 5 - catch all tray | 6 - cozy throw | 7 - room spray | 8 - USB outlet | 9 - wastepaper basket | 10 - nightstand | 11 - slippers | 12 - fluffy towels | 13 - robe hook | 14 - reading material (1, 2, 3) | 15 - carafe with tumbler | 16 - toiletry minis


One of my biggest pet peeves both as a guest and with standard bathrooms in general, is that there is no room to hang more than one towel. I don't want all my doors and chair back festooned with towels! If you don't either, upgrade all your single towel bars to double towel bars and add robe hooks to the backs of your bathroom doors. They can go on bedroom doors too if you are comfortable with that. 

Another easy upgrade that you will love just as much as your guests is changing some outlets to have USB plugs built in. At $20 - $40 per unit this can feel expensive, but you can make the change yourself if you are comfortable with simple wiring, and you will love the convenience.