Cleaning schedule with home maintenance checklist

What's the best way to maintain your home? 

Integrate home maintenance into your regular cleaning schedule. After all, many annual home maintenance tasks are simply taking the time to inspect and clean areas of your home you don't spend much time looking at - like the inside of your chimney, or your roof. 

Regular maintenance improves home values

Maintenance is a huge part of design. When I worked for a landscape architecture company in Palm Beach one of the most important upgrades we offered our clients was a 3x/year maintenance package. Without the proper guidance, improper pruning and a failure to adjust spacing or replace perennials as plants mature can turn perfection into a big mess. 

A house is much the same. We don't usually think of homes as living entities, but animals (pets and the uninvited variety), humidity levels, and temperature all take their toll. How did that fixer upper get to be that way after all? That house was new and shiny once too! Taking care of your home regularly will mean less work to do, and less money to spend, when you decide to sell. 

Plus, you'll always be ready for company!

Without proper routine maintenance, a small problem can quickly turn into an expensive one.

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Weekly cleaning + annual tasks = happy home

It's a simple equation, and it's easy to do if you have a reminder (hint: that's our checklist! Download it by entering your email below). Just cleaning your home every week means you are paying attention to items, such as leaky faucets, that can be money sucks if left untended. 

Sure, not all maintenance is just about looking. Some things, such as flushing your hot water heater and testing your water pressure, require a little extra thought and even some special equipment. But they don't take a lot of time, and if performed regularly can say you a lot of money. 


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