How to Winterize Your Home (and a free checklist)

We can finally feel the chill of winter coming, even here in Texas. and I know some of our friends to the north have already experienced snow this season. Brrr. If you haven't already, now is the time to winterize your home. Here is a list of 10 low cost (some are even free) things you can do now to feel warmer all winter long. 

I put everything together into a nice printable download that you can pick up at he end of this post. Fuzzy sweater and cup of hot cocoa not included - sorry.

  1. Wear a sweater

No, I'm joking.

  1. Clean your gutters (FREE)
  2. Flush your water heater (FREE)
  3. Adjust ceiling fans to turn clockwise  (FREE)
  4. Replace filters in central air heating and cooling systems
  5. Apply window insulation film to windows
  6. Use draft guards for doors
  7. Apply weatherstripping tape to the inside of windows and doors
  8. Caulk the outside of windows and doors
  9. Plug your chimney with a chimney balloon
  10. Add fiberglass insulation to your attic floor and hatch

If you've done all that and you want some more, schedule an appointment with an HVAC professional  to clean and inspect your furnace and ducts. Trim all the trees near your house, cover your outside cooling unit with plywood (don't use plastic), install storm windows and doors, wrap your pipes, and schedule a home energy audit.