Stop daydreaming about your next home remodel. Start planning it.

Are you ready to move forward with your home remodel project but just can't get past the planning stages?

And by 'planning', I mean 'scrolling endlessly through Pinterest and Instagram, swooning at all the pretty pictures.'

Everyone seems to have it figured out - the best kitchen, the best bath, the best light.

It's not fair, they must have been blessed with perfect genes - I mean, a perfect home. 

Guess what? You, too, can have a perfect home!

Own your style to make a home that is perfect FOR YOU.

Those beautiful pins you see? Most of those homes didn't start gorgeous, either. Have you heard of a little thing called 'Builder Basic'?

Unless you are starting from scatch and working with your own architect, old homes AND new homes need help. 

Hi! I'm Ali, a designer and the co-founder of Pig and Tiger Renovation LLC.

Ali Pig and Tiger Renovation LLC

I know that renovating a home is a big commitment. My husband and I started this business in order to flip a house. We learned 2 things very quickly - 1) personal style belongs nowhere in a flip home, and 2) designing solely for profit is no fun!

We decided we would much rather work for actual human beings and families that want to live in and love their homes just like we do.

One thing we encounter over and over in our practice is people who have a well developed personal style, yet want to rush into a remodel project because once they pull the trigger and get as far as inviting us into their home for an estimate, they want the work done yesterday.

The design phase for a major remodel, addition, or kitchen renovation usually takes at least a month. Often 5-7 weeks. There's a reason for that - a well laid plan leads to fewer mistakes, a more accurate budget, and an end result that the client is much more likely to love. 

It's not a step you should skip over. 

I developed this free course as a way to help our clients get to the end of the design phase faster.

The more complete your design, the more accurate your quote. The faster you have your design, the faster you can complete your project. Simple. 

Now, this course won't give you a finished design. It's 10 minutes a day for 5 days, after all. But it WILL give you a strong outline that will make creating the finished design 110% easier. 

Here's a look at what you'll learn in the course:

  • Why you need a plan before you start.
  • Exactly which key decisions are most important to make at the beginning.
  • The three biggest mistakes homeowners make that stop them from having a beautifully designed home.
  • What one thing you must do before getting bids.
  • How to develop your personal style and organize it in a useful way. 

This is what you will have at the end of the 5 days:

  • A Home Style Blueprint that has all the key info you need organized on one sheet of paper.
  • Clarity on your design style.
  • A clear overview of the actions you need to take next.

What this course is not:

  • This is not a list and description of every interior design style out there.
  • It's not a quiz that matches you with a design style. 
  • A no-thought solution that does the work for you. It's about YOU, so YOU have to make the decisions.

Take your first step to creating a truly beautiful home.

Sign up now to get started with the first lesson and workbook.

Home Style Blueprint SS

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