Yes, we're married and yes, the name reflects our Chinese zodiac. Yao is the Pig and Ali is the Tiger. We met in Beijing, China in 2010, where Ali was working as a landscape architect and Yao was finishing his Business degree. It was during the Spring Festival, and so when the time came to name our business it seemed only natural to combine our Chinese zodiac signs, becoming Pig + Tiger Renovation. 

Pig + Tiger is a family company with a strong grounding in the community. We value honesty and integrity. A satisfied customer is the most important part of our business. 


Yao is the Managing Partner of Pig + Tiger Renovation. His MBA and background in systems operations and analytical marketing give him the tools to manage our star group of craftsmen. He ensures the integrity of the team and sees that every job is well executed.
Yao is also a licensed realtor, giving him a deep knowledge of the DFW housing market and an understanding of which upgrades offer the most resale value. 



Ali is a Registered Landscape Architect with over 12 years of experience working on projects in 4 continents. Her undergraduate studies included set design and she still loves to think of design as creating great sets for people to live out their lives. She is driven to create beautiful and functional homes that showcase their owner's personality and values.

Ali is the Creative Director and Lead Designer for Pig + Tiger Renovation. She also has fun sharing her knowledge on the blog.